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David Pezzat is renowned for his ability to capture the beauty and essence of every moment. With years of experience and a passion for storytelling through his lens, David Pezzat has earned a reputation for excellence in the world of photography. From the grandest celebrations to the most intimate gatherings, his work speaks for itself.

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Casa los Ebanos Los Fresnos

REAL TALK. If you care about capturing the most amazing memories on your special day, get David. He is talented, creative, professional, flexible, and incredibly kind (as a person and with the lens!) When we had a specific vision, he executed it. When we had no plan, he proposed creative ideas to ensure we documented unforgettable moments. His attention to detail is unparalleled. I married my high school sweetheart of 11 years and I honestly feel like David showcased the magic of our love. He was also fantastic with ALL of our friends and family—those proud aunts with their phones and quirky loved ones! Whatever your love story may be, David Pezzat can absolutely capture the wonder of you. Thanks for the breathtaking photos!

- Clarissa Gutierrez

If I could give David more than 5 stars I would. David Pezzat is phenomenal!! He makes you feel so comfortable during the photo session, because he guides you through it all. He is always able to capture the most magnificent moments that will Iast a lifetime. He is able to envision the perfect shot using light, reflection and geometry. It is an art! He photographed my wedding and will photograph my sister’s wedding in 2 months. We did not have to meet with other photographers when planning our weddings, because he is the best. Picking David is a no brainer. I can’t recommend him enough.

- Anyssa

Without an absolute doubt in my mind, David is the absolute best at his profession. He possesses a true gift and my wife and I were blessed enough to discover his talent when planning our wedding. David was the first person we booked after settling on a date and a venue. His professionalism is top-notch and he is so easy to work with! My wife and I are people who do not normally take pictures, but under his direction and guidance, we felt so at ease in front of the camera. David’s calm and laid-back presence gave us the confidence we needed when taking our engagement pictures. On the day of our wedding, we knew we were in the best hands! He seamlessly captured our big day and took photos that brought tears to our eyes and made our jaws drop! We cannot stop showing them to people! All I have to say to him is WOW! If you ever have a chance to book him, snatch him up because he is worth every memory captured on your special day. When you work with David, not only do you get the absolute BEST, but you get a photographer for your new beginning and the rest of your life! Thank you David for eternalizing the happiest day in our lives!

- Gonzalo Rodriguez

David, Thank you so much for all that you do and have done for our family! There is no way to express how much joy you have brought into our lives! Your images are amazing!!! You were able to capture personalities and expressions in way that I cannot articulate. You were able to capture what I love in my family and also help bring beauty that helps me to see things I had not quite seen before. You bring out the best in each member of our family and help us all to feel our best. I did not stress over every detail, as I knew that you always seem to make things work. Although I definitely know what I love, I cannot always visualize it. With your help, that was not a problem. You were always able to assist me, while still keeping me as a decision maker in the process. As a result, my home and office have the most priceless images of my beautiful family and friends!! Thank you for having an eye that captured these precious monumental moments in our lives!! Kudos - Cori Gutierrez

The quality of our save-the-dates was more than I could imagine. We received so many compliments from family and friends, saying it looked as the photo was from a magazine! My bridal portraits turned out amazing as well. The photos came out so beautiful and unique. For our wedding, David captured the most memorable moments. I am glad we will have these photos to look back on from years to come. The quality of David’s work is more than I could have ever hoped for. I highly recommend David Pezzat Photography for any occasion.
Das Peace Haus Lake with a couple in Fredericksburg, TX

My wedding day was one of the best days I could have ever hoped for. I was marrying my best friend, I had my family and closest friends there with me and I had by far the best photographer money could buy who captured every moment beautifully. David is not only photographer he is a true artist in my opinion. One of the reasons my husband and I were so set on David Pezzat Photography was because after looking at David’s work and meeting with him it was clear that he is more than just a photographer. He is able to create art and capture so much emotion with his camera. Being art aficionados our goal was to have a wedding and photographs that represented that aspect and thanks to David we got exactly what we wanted. The time and attention to detail he took with each and every photograph speaks volumes of his work and dedication. We were floored and so completely satisfied when we saw our photographs. They are beautiful and I’ve received compliments galore about them! During the wedding David was excellent at being in the right place at the right time for just the right photograph without being in guest’s faces. He was subtle and still went above and beyond his duty by providing us with the most exquisite photographs. I look forward to the day that we need his services again. We were looking for someone with a incredible eye for detail and a great personality. We are a bit camera shy so we needed someone who could get us out of our shell and David did just that. He made us feel so comfortable and from the beginning we knew he was the perfect choice. He is funny, easy going and truly a wonderful human being. During our photo shoots he made us laugh and feel at ease. This feeling of ease showed through in our photos and made our photos even more beautiful. David’s talent is undeniable. He produces such incredible works of art. I remember when I had to choose a photo for my bridals I had the hardest time picking just one. Every photo David showed me I loved and when I thought I had found THE photo he would show me another that I would fall in love with. I eventually choose one after a very long time of flipping through photos. We had the same problem choosing just one engagement photo so we ended up choosing two. Its a great feeling when you fall in love with every photo your photographer captures. If you want a talented, kind, professional, and easy going photographer David is your man.


We decided to go with David Pezzat Photographers to capture our wedding and we couldn’t be happier. Our photos are simply amazing. David’s imagination, creativity, and artistic abilities make for the most beautiful breathtaking pictures. I’ve had friends comment to me that they had their breath completely taken away after viewing our photo’s. David and his team were able to capture every moment of the most important day of our lives and I could never thank them enough. The work they provided was more than I could’ve ever asked for. Thank you David!


Real-moments wedding photos in McAllen

It was very hard for us to pick a photographer because of HOW IMPORTANT these pictures will be for the rest of our life. However, after going with my gut instinct and seeing the quality of work that David Pezzat had done in the past, we decided he was the one for our wedding. After our ENGAGEMENT session, we knew he was the right fit for us. He made everything easy, made us laugh, and we became comfortable with OUR new friend very quickly. At our WEDDING, it was such a pleasure to see how much FUN the photographers were having taking pictures of us, that it heightened our excitement, joy, and memories. We felt such ease with David and his team and would highly recommend them to anyone. We have relied on his honesty, professionalism, artistry, creativity, and friendship and in every aspect, he has delivered and been there for us. The Pictures speak for themselves.


My husband and I booked David Pezzat two years in advance and I can tell you it was the best decision we ever made! Our number one goal was to hire the best photographer possible to capture one of the most important days of our lives. David Pezzat Photographers by far exceeded our expectations! Not only was he wonderful to work with but the images he captured were absolutely beautiful! From engagement pictures, bridal portraits, and our wedding day he was there to help us in any way. I cannot tell you how many compliments we have received over the quality of his work. His images have literally brought tears to our eyes over how beautiful he was able to capture a moment. David’s passion and true love for his art comes through in every image. Without David Pezzat our dream wedding would not have been complete.


David and his photographers were very professional, they were on time and very creative with both my bridal session and during my wedding. They were very attentive to our needs, and David was very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend David Pezzat photographers!


I can’t say enough good things about David. He is easy going, warm, and friendly which makes it easy for you to relax in front of the camera with him. He knows all the technical aspects and details of photography which is the sign of a good professional photographer. But his vision and artistic eye are unbelievable which makes him a GREAT photographer. He is a rare find and in my opinion one of the best in the business. Just take a look at his website and you will see what I mean!


Best Wedding Moments

The first time I ever saw David’s work was a shoot he did for some friends of mine in Cancun, Mx. My eyes were absolutely stunned by his attention to detail, his ability to capture candid, yet distinct intimate moments, and the extraordinary fragility of a breathtaking matrimony taken place abroad. When I became engaged, my mother had seen his photos and immediately asked if he was going to be my photographer. When I had the opportunity to look at many other pieces displayed, I knew it from that moment that David Pezzat was going to be my destination wedding photographer hands down.David and his assistant Marc were eloquent, sincere, and extremely modest. Professionalism and work ethic are undoubtedly salient and with the considerable time we had during our stay, he wanted to capture every peak, valley, beach, city street corner, etc, etc, etc! His creativity during our engagement shoot was phenomenal and my bridal shoot had me in tears. No words could utterly describe the emotions that ran rampant in my mind when I first took a glimpse of a shot he had taken of me when the moon was setting in.Our wedding photos are pure genius with a twist of artistic design and intimate events that capture exactly what anyone would want. David & Marc were not only exceptional at all our events but now has become a symbol of photography between all of our friends and family. You ask would I recommend David Pezzat for your wedding, engagement, or bridal shoot? The answer “Without a doubt.”


We couldn’t recommend David Pezzat Photographers enough. David is such an amazing artist with a great eye for detail, professional, punctual, fun and down to earth individual. Rick and I are not the most comfortable people in front of the camera but David Pezzat and his team made us feel so comfortable since the engagement session that we were at ease on our big day. In our pictures, he captured emotions (love, happiness, tears) family, friends, details, and all those moments and bits we missed, which is what we wanted. Our wedding photos are so beautiful, that it was so hard to choose our favorites for the albums. My family and friends have all commented on how good and professional our photos look. Thank you so much for making the day even more special and for the amazing memories we have.


Words cannot express how much my husband and I are thankful to have had David Pezzat as our photographer. He is such a professional but he makes you feel like family so that your comfortable enough to give those moments you want captured on film. David and his assistants are beyond amazing and no matter what you think you look like he has this eye for photography that takes your breath away. We could not have asked for more. From the engagement session that really helped set the mood for the big moment to come to the bridal session that allowed me to feel beautiful for the first time to finally our wedding where he took a great idea from a bridesmaid and made it a reality. You absolutely cannot go wrong by having David pezzat as your photographer for any big moment in your life. I know that for a fact.