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Photography at the Age of 16

How I Got Started with Wedding Photography at the Age of 16

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Hello there, fellow photography lovers! My name is David Pezzat, and today I’d like to take you on a journey through time, to when I was just 16 and fell love with wedding photography. It’s a story of passion, learning, and the joy of capturing love through my lens.

The Ignition of a Passion

My journey into the realms of photography commenced on an ordinary day when I was 13. I found myself rummaging through my father's drawers, a young explorer in the vast universe that was our home. Tucked away in a corner was an old, weathered box that seemed to whisper tales of yesteryears. With reverence, I opened it and found within it a treasure - my dad's photo scrapbook from his days in the military during the Vietnam era.

As I turned the pages, each photograph spoke to me. The subjects were frozen in time, but their emotions transcended the confines of the paper. With every image, I felt an invisible thread pulling me closer to a past I had never known, and to a father who was once as young as me. His joys, his sorrows, his valor - all came to life as I held that scrapbook in my tender hands.

In those moments, I experienced the sheer power that photographs held. They were not just images; they were windows into souls, bridges across time, and keepers of stories that would otherwise be lost. My heart swelled with an overwhelming sense of discovery and inspiration. It was as if the photographs had whispered to me a purpose that my soul recognized.

That day, the embers of a passion were kindled within me, a passion that would shape the course of my life. A young dreamer had found his calling - to become a photographer, a storyteller, a guardian of moments etched in time.

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By the age of 16, I was assisting many wedding photographers in town to learn the world of photography. I met some incredible mentors that helped me become the photographer I am today.

The Revelation

As I clicked away, something magical happened. I found myself immersed in capturing the smallest details - the bride’s teary eyes, the groom’s nervous smile, the pride on the parents' faces. It was storytelling through visuals. When I shared these photos with my family, they were astounded. That's when it hit me – this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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My First Mentor

One kind photographer, Mr Roy, saw the eagerness in my eyes and took me under his wing. Assisting Roy was my real school. I learned not just about photography but also about handling clients, managing schedules, and the art of being inconspicuous during weddings. He even let me borrow his professional camera for practice.

Investing in My Photography Gear

As I saved money from small gigs and part-time jobs, I invested in my first DSLR camera. Oh, what joy it was! I spent hours experimenting with it. I also started building a portfolio with photos from weddings where I assisted, family events, and even staged shoots with friends.

Spreading the Word

With a portfolio in hand, it was time to spread the word. Social media was a boon. I created pages on Facebook and Instagram, showcasing my work. My family and friends were incredibly supportive, referring me to their acquaintances.

My First Big Break

One fine day, I received a call. It was a couple who had seen my work on social media and wanted me to photograph their wedding. My heart raced with excitement and nervousness. This was it – my first solo wedding shoot. I prepared meticulously, creating shot lists and scouting the venue beforehand.

The wedding day arrived, and it was a whirlwind. I clicked non-stop, capturing every moment. When I delivered the photos to the couple, their elation and words of praise were the most significant rewards I could have received.

And the Journey Continues...

Since that first wedding, there has been no looking back. My passion for wedding photography has only grown. Along the way, there have been challenges, learning curves, and lots of hard work. But every time I capture the joy of a couple’s big day, it reminds me of why I fell in love with wedding photography at the age of 16.

For all the aspiring wedding photographers out there – age is just a number. It’s the passion, dedication, and willingness to learn that counts. Keep your hearts open, and your lenses ready to capture the magic!

- David Pezzat / San Antonio Photographer