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Photojournalist Vs. Scripted

Wedding Photojournalist Vs. Scripted Storytelling

An In-Depth Comparison.' In today's feature, we're diving deep into the world of wedding photography to uncover the nuances between two popular styles: Wedding Photojournalism and Candid Wedding Photography.

Join us as we bring together the expertise of three seasoned photographers: Eddie Gonzales, Jay Caballero, and David Pezzat. With years of experience capturing countless weddings, they're here to share their insights, experiences, and the distinct advantages and challenges each style presents.

What You'll Discover in This Video:

  • The Essence of Each Style: Understand the core principles that define Wedding Photojournalism and Candid Wedding Photography. What sets them apart, and how do they influence the storytelling of your special day?

  • Pros and Cons: Every style has its strengths and weaknesses. Our experts will break down the advantages of capturing raw, unfiltered moments versus the artistry and preparation involved in photojournalistic shots. Learn how these factors can impact your wedding album and your overall experience.

  • Real-World Experiences: Eddie, Jay, and David will not only share their professional opinions but also dive into their personal portfolios. They'll showcase examples from weddings they've photographed, highlighting how different approaches have shaped the outcome and client satisfaction.

  • Choosing the Right Style for You: Are you leaning towards the authenticity of candid shots or the narrative depth of photojournalism? Our photographers will offer advice on selecting the style that best aligns with your vision for the day, ensuring your wedding photos are everything you've dreamed of and more.

  • Whether you're a couple planning your wedding, a photographer looking to refine your style, or simply a photography enthusiast, this video promises a comprehensive look at these two captivating approaches to wedding photography.

Photo of bride and groom in a classic car kissing captured by David Pezzat

Let's break it down here:

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

When it comes to capturing the essence of your special day, the approach your photographer takes plays a vital role. Among various photography styles, candid wedding photography has gained immense popularity in recent years. But what exactly is candid wedding photography? Let's delve into understanding this style and what makes it so sought-after.

Defining Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is a style that aims to capture the spontaneity and emotions of the moment, without the subjects being aware or posing for the camera. This results in natural, genuine, and often, heartwarming pictures that tell a story. Rather than focusing on perfectly composed shots, candid photography seeks to capture the essence and emotions of the wedding day.

The Unobtrusive Observer

A key characteristic of a candid wedding photographer is their ability to blend into the background. They become an unobtrusive observer, capturing events as they unfold. This fly-on-the-wall approach means that the wedding party and guests are often unaware that they are being photographed, which leads to more natural expressions and reactions.

The Villa at Cielo Vista Venue located in San AntonioCandid photo of Bride and Bridesmaids while opening champagne

Why Choose Candid Wedding Photography?

1. Capturing Genuine Emotions

The primary appeal of candid wedding photography lies in its ability to capture genuine emotions. Be it the joy in the laughter of the couple, the tearful happiness of parents, or the playful antics of the children; these are the moments that make the wedding album truly special.

Candid Wedding Moments in San AntonioGuest dancing at wedding

2. Telling a Story

Candid photography tells the story of your wedding day in its truest form. By capturing the day as it naturally unfolds, it provides a narrative that is unique to your celebration.

3. Relaxed Experience

Knowing that the photographer is capturing moments without the need for posing can relieve some of the pressures of the day. Guests and the couple can focus on enjoying the day rather than being camera-conscious.

Best Wedding Moments Candid image of bride and son

4. Dynamic and Creative

Candid shots are often dynamic and creative. Since they are not bound by formal poses, they can capture the energy and movement of the day, from dancing to the exchanging of glances between the couple.

Casa los Ebanos Los FresnosBride Photo captured by David Pezzat

Complementing Traditional Portraits

While candid photography captures the natural moments of a wedding, it can be complemented by traditional posed photographs. A combination of both styles ensures that, along with the spontaneous shots, you also have classic portraits that are cherished by families.

Finding the Right Photographer

If candid wedding photography resonates with you, it is important to choose a photographer skilled in this style. Review their portfolios, and discuss your vision for capturing the unscripted moments of your day.

Final Thoughts on Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography offers a refreshing and authentic glimpse into one of the most important days in a couple's life. By capturing the day in its purest form, it creates memories that are genuine, touching, and everlasting. When you look back at your wedding album, it's these candid moments that will take you back in time and allow you to relive the emotions and joy of your special day.

Why Choose Scripted or Directed Wedding Photography?

In the realm of wedding photography, the debate between choosing a candid, spontaneous approach versus a more controlled, scripted one is ever-present. Scripted or directed wedding photography, often characterized by its meticulously planned shots and poses, offers a unique set of advantages that can appeal to many couples looking to capture their special day. Here's why opting for a scripted approach might just be the perfect choice for your wedding.

Precision and Perfection

Scripted photography is all about creating picture-perfect moments. Every frame is carefully planned, from the lighting and background to the subjects' poses, ensuring that the final images are nothing short of spectacular. This level of control is particularly beneficial in situations where the environment is challenging or when specific, must-have shots are desired. For couples who dream of flawless wedding photos that look like they've leaped out of a bridal magazine, scripted photography is the way to go.

Guaranteed Coverage of Key Moments

One of the most significant advantages of directed wedding photography is the assurance that all critical moments will be captured. Whether it's the exchange of rings, the first kiss, or family portraits, a scripted approach ensures that these pivotal points are not missed. The photographer will work with you to create a checklist of essential shots, so no key moment goes undocumented.

Best Wedding Photographer in San AntonioA romantic setting of couple under a tree in winter

Artistic Composition

Directed photography allows for artistic compositions that might not naturally occur. Photographers can utilize their skills and creativity to arrange subjects and settings in ways that enhance the visual appeal of the photos. This can include guiding the couple into dramatic poses, arranging the bridal party in unique formations, or incorporating the venue's architecture into the shots. The result is a collection of photos that are not only memories but also works of art.

Top artistic wedding photographers San AntonioWedding Couple Portrait Captured by Photographer, David Pezzat

Efficiency and Organization

Weddings can be hectic, and time is often of the essence. Scripted photography, with its pre-planned nature, can be more efficient and organized. By having a clear plan in place, the photographer can swiftly move through the list of desired shots, minimizing disruptions to the day's flow. This approach is particularly beneficial for large weddings or when the timeline is tight.

Stress Reduction

Knowing that your photography is planned and controlled can significantly reduce stress on your wedding day. Couples can relax, knowing that their photographer has a clear vision and plan for capturing their wedding. This peace of mind is invaluable, allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their special day rather than worrying about whether their photos will turn out well.

Bridal Portrait at an elegant home

Tailored to Your Vision

Scripted photography is highly customizable. Photographers can tailor their approach to match the couple's vision, incorporating specific themes, styles, or elements that the couple desires. This bespoke approach ensures that the wedding photos reflect the couple's personality and the essence of their relationship.


Choosing scripted or directed wedding photography offers a blend of perfection, artistic control, and efficiency, making it an attractive option for couples who prioritize exquisite, high-quality wedding photos. While it may not capture the spontaneity of candid moments in the same way that photojournalistic photography does, it compensates with meticulously crafted images that stand the test of time. For those who envision their wedding album as a collection of flawless portraits and artfully composed shots, directed wedding photography is undoubtedly worth considering.