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Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding Tips and Ideas

Here are some great articles and tips when planning your wedding day. I have created these articles to give you a piece of mind and a Stree free wedding.

Wedding Color Trends 2024

Color tones and trends for 2023. Colors can set the tone and atmosphere for your wedding celebration

Best Wedding Photography

In this article, you will learn about the Best Wedding Photography in San Antonio Capturing timeless love by David Pezzat Photographers.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

This article aims to provide you with an in-depth insight into the various factors that determine the cost of a wedding photographer in San Antonio

Top 7 Luxury Wedding Venues

Discover San Antonio's top luxury wedding venues. Renowned for its vibrant history and cultural tapestry presents an array of luxurious wedding venues

The History of Weddings

In the 19th century, weddings became more elaborate and began to include more formal rituals and traditions. Over time wedding gowns became popular.

Your Wedding Day Memorable

From a Photographer’s Perspective, Here are My Top 10 Secrets to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: A Wedding

Sweet Facts about Cakes

Find out the Traditions and Sweet Facts about today's wedding cakes in the US


I have observed an evolution in wedding trends. I am excited to share the 20 best prominent trends list that have caught my attention in 2024.

When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners often provide different levels of services, from full wedding planning to day-of coordination.

Picking the Right Wedding Ring

Things You Need to Know Before Picking the Right Wedding Ring for Your Future Fiancé

Finding the Best San Antonio Wedding Photographer

Explore tips on finding the best wedding photographer in San Antonio for your wedding. Here are 10 great tips when searching for wedding photographers.

Top Videographers in the RGV

This article will list the 5 top videographers in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). Here are some mentioned: John Arriola, Alvarez Wedding Films, Pedro Arevalo

Top RGV Wedding Professionals

Discover the elite wedding professionals in the Rio Grande Valley and understand why choosing the best is crucial for your special day. Get insights here

Two Wedding Photographers?

Making a choice to have one or two wedding photographers can be a hard decision. However here are some tips to help you when planning your special day

Creative Proposal Ideas

Proposal ideas for the hopeful groom seeking to make the moment unforgettable.

Wedding Day Timeline

Check out this Free Wedding Timeline for brides that want to create the perfect wedding day

Not to Forget on Your Bridal Session

Here are top ten things every bride shouldn't forget on thier bridal session

Preparation Photos Before the Wedding Ceremony

Preparation photos before the wedding ceremony is an important component of telling the complete story of your special day. Here are some reasons:

Wedding Locations in San Antonio

Indoor locations for photoshoots, weddings and engagement sessions in San Antonio, Texas

10 indoor locations in the RGV

Here are the top 10 indoor photography locations in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Engagement Photo Shoot Outfits

Capture your love story in stunning photographs with our expert tips on what to wear (and what not to wear) for your engagement photo shoot!

Locations to get married in San Antonio

Here are 20 top stunning locations to get married in the city San Antonio, Tx

The Best Wedding Photographer in McAllen, Texas

Learn tips from the best wedding photographer in McAllen, David Pezzat. We will show you how he captures the most unforgettable moments during weddings.

Photojournalist Vs. Scripted

Discover the Wedding Photojournalist Vs. Scripted Storytelling. In this full article, you will learn the difference between candid and non-candid photos.

The Right Wedding Dress

Deciding on the right wedding dress for you wedding can be hard however her are some thoughts I have put together to help you.

Wedding Budget for Photography

Rule of thumb: Experts suggest allocating approximately 10-15% of the total wedding budget to photography.

Styles of Wedding Photography

Different Styles of Wedding Photography such as Traditional, Documentary, fine Art,Fashion, and Vintage

Wedding Photography Costs

Navigating the Price Tag: A Guide to Wedding Photography Costs. This article will explain a breakdown of cost for a professional photographer.

Destination Wedding and Why

Here are Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Destination Wedding. Simplified Planning, Cost-Effective and Guest Vacation

How to Create a Guest List

Before you start jotting down names for your wedding list, decide what kind of wedding you want. Is it an intimate gathering of close friends and family

Stress-free Wedding Checklist

A free wedding checklist for brides to help in planning a seamless and stress-free wedding. Highly Recommended


Check out the different style bridal shoes trending that you don't want to miss!